A Practical Guide to the Craft of Reality


Discover what magic can teach us about reality and well-being.

Explore how new research changes what we know about the infamous witch hunts and how our ancestors amplified intentions.

Perfect for those seeking to transmute stressful states, trying to make big pivots, or seeking more clarity and trust and practical steps on how to craft reality.

Guided meditation sessions across love, alignment, and money. Ideal for starseeds, entrepreneurs and high creatives who want to move past financial anxieties, confusion, or an unknown.


"I create as I speak"

Hi, my name is Cat and my mission is to help fellow visionaries and alchemists to create a life of spaciousness and sovereignty through their own craft of reality.

If you are looking to make a big pivot in your business, career or circumstances, or you have been living in reds (depression, anxiety, overwhelm, unfulfilment) then this will be the most important book you read this year!

(Especially if you've already tried all the manifestation books or courses out there without success!)

Here's why:

I'm going to reveal to you a simple yet extremely powerful emotional guidance system that will radically change the way you create and show up in your life.

This system is something you will not have encountered anywhere else, and - combined with ancient techniques of alchemy - will become the missing link to helping you obtain your desires.

If you have struggled to succeed with typical manifestation and law of attraction techniques, then this book is for you...

What’s the difference between magic and manifestation?

In short: magic is the adult version of manifestation, but not in any scary way.

It’s not about voodoo spells against others or curses or vexes.

Most people struggle to succeed with law of attraction and manifestation principles because it misses one key ingredient our ancestors knew of all along.

Something that sets alchemy entirely apart, and makes it extremely potent.

In Magic Source Codes I reveal what this is and how it was that I came to discover this unique and little-known technique.

What's Inside This eBook

This book is a NO B.S guide to cultivating the reality of your dreams, explained through my own experience of living with severe depression at the helm of an eight figure company and how I used magic to activate my core and alignment.

🎁 This is my git to you 🎁

The simple and ground-breaking guidance system that shows you exactly how to create and receive all that you desire - for the greatest good of all (that you will not have encountered anywhere else, certainly not in manifestation books or courses)...

✨The little-know but extremely potent technique of alchemy that sets it apart from the "teddy bear" manifestation approaches

✨How to turn depression and reds into fulfilment and greens

✨ Rituals and enchantments to create financial freedom, attract love, and regain wellbeing


Bonuses Included In Your Purchase

For only $7 you can grab your copy of Magic Source Codes today and begin to create your own craft of reality. As a special thank you, you're also going to receive 🔮 TWO BONUSES 🔮

All absolutely free

BONUS 1: Magic Source Codes Online Training

Practical guide to alchemy for the visionary who desires big things. Discover how to spot, measure and amplify magic in your life. Three day training that was sold at $297. Instant access.


An exploration of the alchemy of money with Day 1 module. Discover the method used to stretch into new surpluses and income levels (even when it feels out of reach and full of doubt) as well as the simple shift to create an almost instant change in financial circumstances.


  • The Magician's Color - recalibrate to the alchemist within...

  • How to craft matter from mind using the tools within...

  • Understanding the path of least resistance to minimise chaos...

  • Divination & intuition guidance, understanding when to go and when to stop...

  • Enchantments and how they work. When you should not attempt these

  • Sex magic & sigils...

  • Guided pathworkings - over 7+ exclusive never before shared guided pathworkings recorded by Cat Howell

  • Ways to accelerate results and what you should know before attempting this...

Rated Five Stars on Amazon!

"This is a well written, intimate memoir that explains how the author used practical magical techniques (we're talking about real magick, not illusory magic) to resolve a serious case of depression. Highly recommended for those who are interested in the practical application of magical methods to improve their lives."

  • - Dean Radin, Author Real Magic


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