In the realm of the mythical the story of money is retold. Those who know the commands of the dragon know how to compel forth its treasure.

Enter an astral plane where a great beast roams, treasure or flames - both are in its nature.

Discover how to cultivate, receive and expand money in your life.

Recounted as an intimate memoir interwoven in fantasy, Money Magic reveals a simple emotional system to help you turn financial reds into greens

Includes bonus Money Magic training

Having lost millions, up to my eyeballs in debt and overdue bills, my creative inspiration all but gone (none of my rituals or intentions working), it was here that I came to encounter a dragon. Treasure or flames; both were in its nature.  

When our paths first crossed, I was feeling very antagonised and frustrated by money - blaming it for all the world's problems. And the dragon burned my world to ashes.

It taught me the alchemy of financial freedom, which is a simple one: shift the way you think and feel about money and watch what happens.

Of course here is where the "easier said than done" comes in. Many of us grasp this principle, but the big question is naturally "how?".

While it may seem silly to think that a story of a dragon could bring you this clarity, know that there is nothing more powerful in this world than story.

For it is through the stories we share that we shape our own narratives. And therefore our very financial circumstances.

If you're looking to build a magical kind of life with abundance that defies logic, then Money Magic will show you how to imprint upon a dragon.

Includes Bonus Money Magic Training

Instant, lifetime access to Cat's bestselling workshop, Money Magic.

Module 1 - Discover the method used to stretch into new surpluses and income levels (even when it feels out of reach and full of doubt)

Module 2 - Receiving without the sacrifice, mutually beneficial co-creation between you and your money...

Module 3 - compounding results, the simple trick that accelerates it all


"Absolutely loved this book, felt like it was written for me!"

Andrea Morrison

"Cat's writing is a gift in itself. I love that she doesn't hold back with her truth. She doesn't paint a perfect version of her money journey. Instead, her words are raw, uncensored, sensual... and many times I had to pause because I wasn't sure if I could receive such energetic transmission. What my ancestors forgot to teach me about money... Cat Howell was revealing to me in a way that was penetrative. Her words were like a gushing river. The energy was so strong that I had to cling to the shore so I wouldn't drown. You know what I mean?"

Evelyn Vargas

"Started reading Money Magic last night, within 5 hours I had an unexpected massage client and..made some money! Client turned out to have connections to other things, woo hoo my dragon is happy! "

Rose Chaplin

About the Author

Hey, I'm Cat Howell and I'm best known for my work in the advertising space where I built two multi-million dollar companies. I walked away from it all in 2020 on the back of a mental breakdown. I always dreamed of someday becoming an author and impacting the world at large scale through the stories I share and a couple years ago that desire began to burst through - but from the outside looking it is was quite chaotic. Money Magic is a recounting of this period of my life and explores the importance of honouring our creative compulsions and how to allow ourselves to receive as we share our gifts with this world.

I hope it serves you well.




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