MAY 20th-23rd

Perspective Play for Prosperity


Four-Day Live Workshop

Money is a state of mind.



This workshop is for you if you:

✨ You are someone who knows that you create your reality from the inside out, and you regularly make magic happen, but for some reason when it comes to money it still eludes you...

✨ You have the desire to foster affinity towards money. A relationship that feels nurturing, fulfilling, and playful...

✨ You want the success, minus the financial gaslighting and hard-to-get games...

✨You're curious about the world of alchemy and would like to hone in on your practice or discover how to infuse it into your financial circumstances...

✨You have experienced the magic before, a nerve of abundance, and you want more...


What is Dragon Alchemy about?

Dragon Alchemy is a live, four day workshop taking place May 20th-23rd and presented by Cat Howell diving into the ingredients for a potion for money. If you are ready to accept that you can command the dragon, then the potion will do the rest. If you're not sure what I'm going on about with the dragon then grab a copy of my book Money Magic at to support the enchantment.

How is this different to Money Magic?

Money Magic explores the dynamics of spending and receiving money to foster affinity towards your financial circumstances. Dragon Alchemy explores the process of alchemy for money manifestations. How to work with intentions, how to amplify them, and how to surrender to the magic (ie: fully believe it is on its way). It is a perfect companion to Money Magic.

Would this workshop work if I am self-employed?

Yes, Dragon Alchemy principles will work regardless if you are in a full time job or self-employed, CEO or artist.

What's included in this workshop?

Dragon Alchemy includes 4 x live training calls, lifetime access to training material (replays). These calls are roughly 40 mins long to maximise your time. The fourth day is a live Q&A so that you can get tailored feedback on your own unique business and circumstances. Also includes 30 day access to private support community.

When do the calls take place?

Live calls take place over Zoom at 5pm EST each day. The schedule of live calls is as follows:

May 20th - 5pm EST

May 21st - 5pm EST

May 22nd - 5pm EST

May 23rd - 5pm EST (this is live Q&A call)

Instant replays will be made available inside the group if you can't attend the live calls.

What if I can't make the live calls?

Although I recommend you try to make it live (as the energy is always more infectious this way), instant replays will be made available inside of the private group (and emailed out to you so that you can go through the training material at your own pace. You retain lifetime access to this.

Do you guarantee results?

The only person who can change your life is you. I am here simply to connect you with a message from your own core. What you resonate with is the treasure in itself, yes, even when you are triggered.

What if I want a refund?

I have a risk-free, no-questions asked refund policy if AFTER THE FIRST CALL (but before May 21st) you decide Mentor Alchemy isn't for you. No refunds provided beyond May 21st due to the instant access digital nature of this product.

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